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Is This Healing For You?

People have said...

Pete did tapping on me - it had a good effect - I no longer want chocolate — Pam Y, Pendle View, Harwood Bar

I felt a warm glowing feeling all over and became very relaxed — Richard B, Westwood Street, Accrington

I always look forward to my next Reiki session, anticipating good things. Then when I get there I go into another sphere of consciousness as I give up to the experience and find myself literally resting in peace. Doing the five Reiki principles helps. Maybe I would have worried but when I come worry disappears. In between sessions, I am now calmer and more conscious so that when irritations or worries arise, I can let them go and stay calm — Iris G, Whinney Lane, Blackburn

Reiki always improves how I feel. Focus on purpose dispels confusion so a clearer mind reduces stress and anxiety. Sleep is enhanced increasing energy levels which gives the treatment a lasting effect — Elaine D, Warner Street, Haslingden

Tap And Stimulate Your Meridians

Rapid healing that lasts

Woman tapping a meridian
Tapping a meridian

Since ancient times, eastern medicine has known the benefits of stimulating meridians. Western neuroscience has more recently discovered complementary pathways in the brain. Dr Roger Callahan found that by tapping the meridian points used in acupuncture in a particular sequence, and involving some eye movement and verbal expression to access the amygdala and parts of the cerebral cortex, problem fields can be collapsed and energy released. Dr Callahan's work spawned many tapping techniques such as TFT and EFT that have proven success around the world.

People often acquire a worry or a phobia in a few seconds and it can be tapped away in a few seconds too. If you've spent years going to the doctor or seeing a psychiatrist, this is hard to believe but, like a radio, you can tune out of a frequency and you need never tune into it again. I don't need to know the history or even the particulars of the problem. Just give me an idea of what it is and, while you keep that in focus, we will tap it away.

Treatments often take under 5 minutes. Some may take a bit longer. The aim is to tap away the problem in one session. I can treat:

Deeper Healing

Reiki refresh & restore

Reiki hands hovering near woman's head

The daily battle to do our best can often lead us to lose the natural vitality and healing powers we had as children. Reiki is a great way to feel alive again. Reiki revitalises and balances the flow of bio-electrical energy through and around the body, removing blockages in the parasympathetic nervous system, and healing “war wounds” accumulated over the years.

An immediate benefit is to feel more relaxed, focused and refreshed. The five Principles of Reiki (written by Dr Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, in 1922 in Japan) are simple guidelines and, with a little bit of practice, easy to apply. Spoken out loud in the morning, they prepare you for the day ahead, so you look forward with a positive energy and a good feeling in your heart. Why not try it out now?

In a Reiki session, you will sit or lie down fully clothed while I place or hover my hands from your head to your toes. Treatments last about an hour and help with all kinds of physical as well as emotional problems, for example with cancer, heart, stomach, self-esteem and even relationship problems. Reiki will always help you but to prevent troubles returning, you may have to change some aspects of your life. Often a few tweaks are all that are needed. How deeply do you want to be healed? How much peace do you want to feel?

Know Yourself

How deep is your ocean?

I was very fortunate to be shown the most wonderful thing nearly 50 years ago and have been fascinated and intrigued ever since. The difference between being just a drop in the ocean and a contented drop in the ocean is huge, as is discovering there's an ocean within the drop too. You too are full of wonder, might and mystery and if you’d like to explore your hidden depths, I highly recommend the Peace Education and Knowledge (PEAK) course which is free at It is more than just words — you are shown the amazing miracle that is YOU and practical ways to access the source of all goodness for the rest of your life. There’s even an app to get it on your smartphone. More… (External link)

PS. Don't listen to philosophers who say it's impossible to know yourself. They don't know who they are and that's why they say that. Sadly they, and their followers, are lost in words.


I took control of my health & so can you

Peter Moulding photo
I can help you control your health

When I was young I was thin and active and worked as a van driver, shop assistant, factory worker, joiner, bus conductor (remember those!) and other manual jobs which were plentiful at the time. Times changed, I went to uni in my 40s and got a good degree in communication, media and social science. All that sitting led me to put on weight, however, and I was 18 stones at one point. Doctors warned me I had a 50% chance of a heart attack and a 50% chance of a stroke because of a genetic irregular heart beat and developing atrial fibrillation before I was 50. After trying their statins, anti-coagulants, beta-blockers and various drugs I felt worse, so I had to do something urgently.

The internet is great for research and I found many suggestions and opposing views from eminent doctors around the world and I began to realise I had to take control of my own health, not just leave it to my GP. With sensible diet, more exercise and a few herbal remedies, I started losing weight and feeling better. Even so, when I went for my annual MOT with the doctor, my blood levels were still all over the place and they put a lot of pressure on me to take their drugs. After a flu jab gave me prickly heat for 8 years and broke my “internal temperature gauge”, so to speak, I discovered Dr Mercola at and have followed his advice for 12 years. He’s all about prevention and involves experts in all medical fields to get the most up-to-date information. Through I found Nitric Oxide (NO) and my health then improved no end and all my blood levels and blood pressure went back to normal. The GP’s computer now only shows me to have a low risk of a heart or stroke event and that’s because of my irregular heart beat.

I am very grateful for Dr Mercola’s preventative advice, and also for Reiki and tapping, because with these my health just gets better and better. The relaxation of Reiki made me more aware of my stress and how to de-stress. I have tapped my cravings away and feel totally confident my weight and energy will soon be at its best. My mother was diabetic and both my parents had nerve, lung and heart problems but I no longer have any indications of these. My health now is as good as it was 30 years ago, apart from I don’t sleep like a baby, but I’m working on that. Electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) from wi-fi, smartmeters and phone masts is all around us, so I’ve made my bedroom an EMF-free zone and I’ve slept a lot better. That’s a work in progress and I’ll just advise for now to keep your contact with EMF to a minimum if you want to be happy and healthy for the rest of your life.